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Entree Menu Options

  • Our C& M Farm Signature Quiche made with fresh organic eggs from our hens

    • Lorraine (bacon, onion and cheese)

    • New Orleans (with a roux - exciting)​

    • Cajun (with andouille sausage)

  • Louisiana

    • Gumbo

    • BBQ Shrimp​

  • French

    • Boeuf Bourguignon​

  • Italian

    • Bolognese

  • Americana​

    • Homemade Chili

Imagine a private farm-to-table dining experience for six prepared by our resident owner/chef, Carole Trufant.

A table for six awaits you with a full 3-course set menu in a wonderful intimate home atmosphere exclusively for your pleasure. For the evening, our home is yours. We'll take good care of you and your party as Chef Carole will prepare your meal and Michael will be your waiter.

You'll work with Carole to choose your entree and desert and we'll take it from there. Wherever possible we use our own or locally source organic ingredients. Your dining room will be ready and the night is all about you and your guests. Enjoy our living room before and/or after dinner or step out on our enclosed patio. Have some coffee and feel free to stroll around the farm and garden. Our home is yours.

There is only one table so you have the whole place. It's your night. What a great intimate fun experience for family or friends! We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

  • Advance reservations required as we have a limited schedule. Call Michael at 904-510-3373.

  • We'll provide the meal. You provide any beverages (alcohol and non-alcohol) beyond water, tea and coffee.

  • Evenings are up to 3 hours

  • Price: $25.00 per person all inclusive

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