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The Menu

Chef Carole has chosen a selection of entrees and deserts that she knows will delight you and your guests. From our own C & M Farm fresh eggs from our hens to Louisiana and international specialty dishes, Carole has a unique presentation for each dish. She uses fresh ingredients all the way down the line. 

Entree Menu Options to choose from:

  • Our C& M Farm Signature Quiche made with fresh organic eggs from our hens

    • Lorraine (bacon, onion and cheese)

    • New Orleans (with a roux - exciting)​

    • Cajun (with andouille sausage)

  • Louisiana

    • Gumbo

    • BBQ Shrimp​

  • French

    • Boeuf Bourguignon​

  • Italian

    • Bolognese

  • Americana​

    • Homemade Chili

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