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Clear. Clean. Simple. Video.

Leaders have messages. Leaders need to be seen and heard well to be most effective. Especially these days. Leadership messaging is an art in communication. Now is the time to leverage it. We do that for you.

Our interviewing is second to none. See here.


We do business simply. You speak. We capture, package and quickly deliver your timely messages for your clients, your staff or any stakeholders. Whether onsite or online.


We are Crunch Media and we are now in Jacksonville and the First Coast area. 


We perfected the term “business express video”. We come from a news background and a marketing discipline. We are clean, clear and simple in all we do. We complete our work in hours and days not weeks or months.


We don’t spend your countless hours and your countless dollars getting your messages out. You are your own best voice. We video you authentically with broadcast quality gear, add the appropriate titles and content screens and publish it out to you for distribution in a way that makes your message effective and impactful. Again, clear, clean and simple. Your message is what they remember, our bells and whistles are subtle but professional.


How do we roll? Like a news crew. Call us and we are there. Be it messaging, “covering” an event, training, presentation or announcement. Any issue you feel that needs coverage. We come in, do our work and we are out.


How do we charge? $150 an hour. In 3 work hours, we can usually shoot, edit and provide your video. So around $500. Longer shoots or more involved production/editing runs a bit more time, but the cost is still $150 an hour. That’s on location or online. 

The bottom line is your message will be effective and it gets broadcast production quality at a modest price. We do this because we like this specific market space. We are like a news crew. Get in, shoot/edit and be done. No overthinking or over planning. Just Clear, Clean and Simple.


Call us. It’s that simple.

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