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It's never just words on a script. Please no.

The best story is one that is told, not read. 

When the message in the interview is important, I ask questions. People are comfortable answering questions. Few are comfortable reading a prompter. Of course there are the facts, but most important is what is not said. By that I mean by what is revealed in your tone, your posture, your intonation, your confidence in your words and the authenticity of your message. Do you care? How do you care and why? I go beyond you facts. I go for your "why". I interview you in a way that your viewers will choose "you" or the message you are trying to get across. 

You are so your best advocate for your message, your business, your cause, etc. 

If you sit down with us and do an interview, the end product will put forth the message you wanted to convey, in a way that enrolls (builds trust) your viewers (prospects, clients, shareholders, community, etc.) to the ultimate goal you wish to achieve. I guarantee it.

For Example - a recent case study - Michelle Cook campaign

The Candidate - Listen to Michelle Cook, a recent client and newly-elected Sheriff of Clay County, FL on Michael's interviewing.

The Manager - Now Listen to Rhonda Jett from Michelle's campaign on how effective we were.

The Social Media Manager - Here is Aschelle Morgan on how we went beyond talking points and broke through on messaging.

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