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As your source of business news in WNC, we are now accepting press releases. To share your news you can follow the instructions below.


  1. All press releases are submitted to:

  2. All press releases need to be editorial in format/content (per below guide)

  3. DO NOT attach press releases in email. They must be provided as text in the email.

  4. Advertisements will not be accepted in news section. For advertising opportunities, please email

  5. Editorial content could include expansions, new product launches, industry news, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, events, etc.

  6. To ensure your press release is properly posted please write your headline in the subject of your email.

  7. Include contact information at the bottom of the press release including name, title and contact information for media contact.

  8. Proofread all content, feel free to attach 1-2 photos and your company logo. Please be sure to include any captions for photos.

  9. Submit!

  10. Our editorial team will review and post as approved. We expect to run into the fine line between editorial and advertising. This is a new feature for us, so please understand we are refining our processes and guidelines continuously. Thanks.

Example of Press Release Format and Tips.


Headline: This should be 60-80 characters. PUT THIS IN SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL.
Subheading: About the same length of heading (Italics)
Release Date (For Immediate Release or another date)
[CITY, State , Month, Date]


The body of the press release should start with the main points of your news and highlight the story's importance i.e. the who, what, why, when.

Additional paragraphs can include compelling quotes from leadership. In total you will want to aim for about 300-400 words


Please use "###" to show the end of your editorial copy


Company Name - Boilerplate Language - This section is listed after the news section to share a short description (company, products, mission) of the organization sharing the release. If it is a joint release you will have a boiler plate section for each of the organizations.

Media Contact Name, Title, Phone or email.