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Clean. Clear. Simple. Video. 

That's it in a nutshell. I come from a news background.


Then: Get the assignment. Shoot it professionally. Produce/edit it. Get it on the air.

Now: Get the assignment. Shoot it professionally. Produce/edit it. Get it to the client.

What does that mean for you?

We serve a niche. The First Coast Business Express Video. I don't do weddings, big commercial/specialized production. I do news. Your news/messages.


We embrace corporate business clients that want their story told, their message communicated or their event covered and all turned around quickly with low maintenance. Tell us what you want. We don't need 10 meetings. Just 1.


We are on call. My assignment editor would say, "There is a fire/press conference/grand opening at XXX address at 10 a.m." That's it. We arrived, talked to the person on location, figured out the story, got interviews, captured it all and got it on the air. We are nimble.

We move fast. I can shoot in the morning and have it to you (edited) for lunch in if needed. I can even stream it live. Our best clients call us like the assignment editor..."we have a meeting we need covered on tape...we need to get a message out from the CEO to staff for the morning." We roll. We get it. 

We are broadcast quality. We have the camera(s), lights, mics and gear to make it clean, clear and simple. That's how we shoot. We edit the same way. Clear, clean and simple shots and graphics. It's message, not the bells and whistles.

We know the questions to ask. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we'll not leave the interview until we have it. Be is a leadership message or a training. Give us the points and we'll make sure the message get out correctly. 

How do I charge? I'm $150 an hour. That's camera/tripod, lights, and mics. Often I can shoot a message in an hour and edit it and get it to you in two more. That means I'm about $500 an engagement. If it's more involved, it's $150 an hour. I am careful with your money and time. That way you'll call me back often.

Oh...All my fees are guaranteed. If you aren't happy, you pay nada.

I can do long form (conferences, trainings, seminars/workshops). I do it all the time. Just let me know.

Clear. Clean. Simple. Video. 

Call Michael at 828-384-2330.

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