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at C & M Farm

Orange Park Studio (OP Studio) is a 3,000 square foot commercial warehouse that is being repurposed into a working video production facility for video/photography and similar creative productions.

The studio is set on C & M Farm in Orange Park, Florida, just outside of Jacksonville. The 3,000 square foot warehouse has an open production stage/set of approximately 1,700 square feet (33.6 feet wide and 50 feet deep) and the remaining 1,300 square feet are working office/post production and kitchen/restroom facilities.

The studio is not for everyone. The stage is neither soundproof nor air-conditioned. It has two large roll up dock doors to the stage. It has standard electrical access with no heavy commercial electrical provisions.

The office space, to open in Spring 2021, is air-conditioned with restroom and kitchen area. The space is split up to provide flexibility for general office, post-production and private office configurations with hi-speed internet.

The facility/stage can be rented by the hour up to total facility rental for a full feature production schedule.  

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