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Leadership Online Messaging

It's easier to answer questions than write and record a script.

Send us your questions. We'll make you a natural because that is what your audience wants.

Lots of content is moving online. But making a coherent impactful video as a leader is hard. You have to write it, film it and act natural all at the same time. NOT effective. Focus on your delivery with our online messaging service.

We have clients that just send us questions and then "answer" them online. It's SO much easier, so much more natural, and so much more authentic.

It's just quick and easy.

  • Send us questions or talking points you want to cover.

  • We set up a Skype session where we record both sides of the session.

  • We'll simply ask you those questions and really have a "conversation" where you focus on your message and your focus. It's not about how well you can read a script and look at the camera.

  • It's not "live", so errors or refinements can easily happen in the session and we'll take the liberty to ask questions that might give clarity or more focus to the point you wish to make.

  • Once the call is concluded, we'll quickly edit the video with your graphic logo or any information you need and send it right to you for your distribution.

  • Clear. Clean and Simple.

Cost? $300 or $150 an hour. We expect the session coordination, set up and interview will be an hour of production time and editing will be another hour of production time.  If the production is more complex, it's still $150 an hour as requested.


We don't want this to be complex. We want it to be effective. Let's keep it simple and professional. It's easier to answer questions than write and record a script.


Give us a call and we'll do a demo with you. All our work is guaranteed. If you aren't happy, we'll make it right or no charge.

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