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Stay at Casa de Felicita
with the Trufants.

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Come visit!                                                   Current nightly booked rate is only $37 per night.

Visiting Italy is a treasure! Our region, Umbria, is spectacular and we are right in the center of the region. If you want to get away from the tourist destinations, but experience the authentic Italy, come stay here. We have a secluded part of our home just for you. We call it "The Suite". You'll have your own queen bedroom, a separate sitting room, private bath with shower and coffee area. The crown jewel is your own private terrace!


Part of the formula for our life planning was to rent the apartment in our home. We looked at a number of rental options including Air BnB but we decided to commit that The Suite to a program called You can read all about it here. You can see our home's page listing here.

We are excited to host you in The Suite and will have all guests come through the Home Exchange program. In short, you'll join HomeExchange for $220.00 per year and they'll award you 500 points. You could use your points for up to 6 nights with us (currently 75 points per night). That gives you an effective rate of $37 per night! However, you can stay just one night with us for 75 points and use your remaining point balance for home exchanges anywhere in the world! As a member of, you'll have access to over 100,000 properties world wide! You can read more about the entire program that on their website. Sign up

To BOOK your stay:

  1. Make sure your dates are available. USE THIS LINK

  2. Sign up on Home Exchange for $220 per year. USE THIS LINK.

  3. Then BOOK your stay. Use THIS LINK

There are no additional fees when you visit or anything except a small cleaning fee of $5 per night left on the bed for the cleaning crew.

We will be managing our guest calendar on It just makes it easier for us. It's all handled in one way in one place. When you are ready to book The Suite check out our Home Exchange page here to see if the dates you like are open. If so, join Home Exchange and make your reservation! We'll see you then!

About visiting with us...

We are excited to see you! Let us suggest some thoughts for your planning. Our region is gorgeous and spectacular. It is not the touristy area of Italy and we love that. People usually visit the area in one of two ways. First is a day or so as a "pass through" agenda. Many start in Rome for a day or two, come see us (easy 2 hour straight train ride to us) and slow down for a day or two, then get back on the train and head to Florence and beyond. Secondly, some want to experience the local slow life of Umbria. It is gorgeous and such a welcoming area. Come stay for more than a day or two and use our home as a base camp. Each day, take a day trip to a local winery, visit nearby Assisi (45 minutes away) or one of the other many medieval towns around us. Unless you plan on just staying in Montefalco, which is a great and relaxing visit with restaurants and a peaceful piazza, you'll need to rent a car. It is easy to do at the train station in Foligno where you arrive to the area.

We plan to travel a lot. We may or may not be there when you want to visit. Just check in with us (email us) to see if we'll be there. Most importantly, this is your time to see Italy! Create your plans and see Italy. Don't feel any obligation to entertain us. This is your trip. We'll connect somewhere along your stay at lunch or dinner or something. Most guests wake up, have cappuccino on your private terrace or walk/ride into the town to the cafe then head out only to be seen after sundown. We get it. Enjoy your trip to the fullest!

We hope to see you here in Italy! Ciao


Michael & Carole Trufant
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