Currently, ads are $25 per insertion (there are 4 insertions (ad boxes) a day and we publish 5 days a week (M-F)). 


  • So one insertion on one day a week is 4 insertions = $100 per month

  • Or 5 days (M-F) is 5 insertions is $125 for a week.

  • You can also pick days a la carte (as open) for $25 each.

  • 1 insertion each day (20 insertions) is $500 a month. ($100 off for limited time).


As of April 2019 WNC Business Today had ~2,000 active subscribers.

  1. 90%+ have Linkedin profiles (true business people).

  2. Average unique open rate is currently 37% and average unique click rate (actively selecting a story each day - "actively participating") is right over 15%.

  3. Those are very high numbers.


Obviously, clicks directly to your web are good, but the best draw is the branding awareness being seen regularly and consistently top of mind. When they want your services, top of mind is best.


Please contact Michael at or 828-384-2330 for questions of to place advertising. 


Insertion price will increase as we roll out some features we are developing and/or grow subscribers. Strike while iron is hot! Just let Michael know.